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#7: “Not About Angels” (Ricky/Kathryn contemporary)

I feel weird putting this all the way down here because this is definitely Ricky’s best contemporary of the season. (Outside of Vow.) He had Travis the other two times, and for some reason I feel like Travis just didn’t know what to do with him. Like Ricky can do anything you ask him to do, so he just ended up doing extensions and tilts into oblivion. Here, I feel like I finally saw him dance

I was glad that Stacey did something different with her concepts because I’ve always said that she’s at her best when she’s not doing angsty heterosexual love and whatnot. Nigel went off on a bizarre tangent about it afterwards, but I guess I kind of know what he was getting at. It didn’t really move me the same way, but I did love the image at the end of Ricky holding Kathryn’s “wings”. It was a little cheesy, but he sold it so well. 

I also just really love the parts where they’re dancing side by side. That part where they both have their leg up and arms extended and it looks like they’re going to fall backwards and they don’t? I was so done there. I also knew exactly what Dave Scott was talking about when he said that part where Ricky did the turns and Kathryn caught his leg but his torso kept spinning was sick as hell. I don’t even understand this boy’s body. That didn’t make any kind of sense. 

So this was beautiful. I wanted to like it a bit more since it was a Ricky contemporary and I feel like I hadn’t gotten a really memorable Ricky contemporary all season, but I did love it, at least. 

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